Hello and welcome to mygermfreehome.com, a green living blog where you can find resources on how to live 99.9% germ-free at home. I started this blog after coming out of the covid-19 lockdown, after months of being locked indoors due to the coronavirus. If I did learn anything from the entire experience, is that a cleaner home (personal hygiene) is how I can contribute to a greener environment?

My name is Frank and I moved to the UK (Coventry) in 2021 to obtain an MSc in International Business Management. Before, then I was back home in Nigeria where I worked mostly as a freelance writer for blogs and small businesses. I have a bachelors in mechanical engineering, so you will understand my creative spirit and quest for problem-solving. As this is what I do presently with my engineering degree during my 30 hours (9-3 work week) to make safer car seats for Jaguar Land Rover.

I work online from home most of the year (when I’m not making car seats), and since the covid-19 pandemic, I have become some sort-of-near neat freak who frowns at the slightest exposure to bacteria and viruses. And just to be sure that I get it right with the dusting, cleaning, and organizing of my living space, I took it upon myself to journal every little trick I have tried and researched as a tip to guide me and readers (you) on how to carry out simple cleaning and organizational tasks at home.

You’ll also find that I share product recommendations that can help you better achieve your goal if you are like me and aim to live 99.9% germ-free at home. This is a warm spot where you can find pleasure in everything that helps us draw closer to a cleaner, greener planet for all starting from our indoors to the outdoor.

You are welcome here always. And just to make sure that you never have to find me, use the form below to join the mailing list so you stay in the loop with the recent happenings at mygermfreehome.com.